Salvan was founded and staffed by highly skilled and reputable in the construction sector professional engineers with extensive experience in Greece and UK, to provide excellent services with high quality and innovation.

Our aim is to fully satisfy the technical needs of every  professional, entrepreneur, engineer, student, through an innovative and complete service.

Quality is the key-word that stands for our services.

Company's executives are involved in those specific objects of the sector since 2002 and can count a significant number of projects that reflect the quality of construction, function and aesthetics.

Salvan was created for the better management of all the departments and activities already existing in the form of Michaniki Kataskevon Ltd.

It was created based on the existing requirement to follow new rules on the management of technical projects, so that the customer - entrepreneur can gain a better time management and receive a high quality result.




SALVANOS PANAGIOTIS: Civil engineer, with major in metallic constructions and in business administration. For over 4 years he dealt with static studies of special and complex metallic constructions throughout Greece as well as abroad. His curriculum vitae counts studies for over 180 metallic industrial buildings, swimming facilities, and metallic bridges. He took part in the academic community teaching metallic constructions in theory in the private and the public sector for two years. In the meantime, he took part as a special assistant professor of T.E.I. (Technological Educational Institute) in the development of students’ theses about issues concerning metallic structures and their seismic response. For the following 2 years he was the manager of the technical department of a large construction company in Thessaloniki organizing the technical management of the projects. Since 2002 he is one of the legal representatives of the established and renowned company in the field of industrial constructions under the registered trademark of “Michaniki Kataskevon Ltd”, through which he dealt and he still deals with many remarkable projects.



Salvan coexists and cooperates with the companies Michaniki Kataskevon, Hellenic Energy, and E.M.KA. (Laboratory of Metal Constructions).

With this form of action it is now clear that more benefits are provided to the customer-entrepreneur concerning the quality of the result, the time management, as well as the promising “green” future on which more and more entrepreneurs invest nowadays.

The aforementioned advantages appear to be in a rapidly increasing demand and tend to attract the interest of the entrepreneurs to a large extent. After the impact of the financial crisis on the activities of the companies, the only way to escape from the current situation that affected our country was to turn to this type of investment, which definitely marks the beginning of a new era. 



Our company’s primary focus is on quality and through this has become competitive.

Salvan provides integrated solutions to its customers and utterly serves them, through a vertical providing system of services, which fully satisfies the needs of the customer up to the last detail.

The competitive advantage of Salvan is that we provide integrated and quality solutions through a low and flexible cost for the client.



Salvan Ltd supports its customers long after the completion of the project

The customers are equally important even after the completion of the project, because that is the central concept in which the company bases its operation.

We stand by our customer’s side every moment, even for the slightest technical needs that will emerge, without any time deadlines (e.g. maintenance, repairs due to misuse, extension of the electrical grid, new minor constructions).

The benefit for the customer is that they gain a permanent partner, who knows best every issue that may emerge as far as the construction is concerned, since they are those who have constructed it.  




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Ε: info@salvan.gr