Salvan implements a certified quality management system according to the standard of BS ISO 9001:2015 in the development and management of construction projects and control of the implementation works (earthworks, application of concrete, coatings, facade, reconstruction of internal and external areas and electromechanical works), after undergoing a successful inspection by LRQA Business Assurance.



Salvan innovates in the certified services and processes sector while having certified the contracting and financial file and having received special certificates for this purpose by LRQA Business Assurance and Pannell Kerr Forster, respectively.

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Thessaloniki, 57 Giannitson Str, 54627
T: +30 2310536333
F: +30 2310501542
Ε: info@salvan.gr

Athens, 26 Av. Kifisias Str, Ampelokipoi, 11526
Serres, 4-6 K. Alexandridi Str, 62100
Ioannina, 5. Km N.R. Ioanninon-Artas, 45221
Rhodes, Foti Kontoglou Str, P.O. Box 2010, 85100