An indicative list of our projects is cited below, as well

as our customers who are willing to  present their

personal experience concerning their excellent

collaboration with Salvan executives.



Karagiannis Alexandros, Ground-level metallic storage unit, N. Iraklio, Municipality of Langadas, Thessaloniki

Thermogroup S.A., Vertical addition of a metallic storage unit, Thessaloniki,

PESY Central Macedonia, Regional health and care system of Central Macedonia, Unit of central care “St. Panteleimon”,

ENIMEX S.A., Ground-level metallic storage unit accompanied by offices, Neochorouda, Thessaloniki

Mitropoulos Christos, Vehicle service station, Grevena

S. Koraïdis & Co. G.P., Shoe soles factory, Sindos, Thessaloniki

Oniro Commercial S.A., Added expansion of commercial storage unit with basement, Old Allied Oreokastrou

Municipal District of Nea Iraklia Serron, New fitness center, N. Iraklia Serron

ALTO, Construction of a pavilion, Thermi, Thessaloniki

E. Kaffes S.A., Added expansion of a commercial storage unit, Thessaloniki

“DINEA”, Polizoidis Anastasios, Craft industry accompanied by offices, Sindos, Thessaloniki

Arpa S.A., Change of façade of existing building, N. Redestos, Thessaloniki

Rombocar S.A., Conversion of a storage unit to a convention hall, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

FAMOUS, Shoe factory, Sindos, Thessaloniki

Giormani V. Ltd, Ground-level craft industry building and Two-floor office block, Neochorouda, Thessaloniki

Gelpasidis Bros. G.P., Industry building, N. Agioneri, Kilkis

MA.VI.LA. Industrial & Commercial S.A., Tank assembling factory, 1st Km Serres-Neochori

Aiolos S.A., Air compressor and pump assembling factory, Neochorouda

RED POINT, Electrical Equipment storage unit, Sindos, Thessaloniki

ACTIVE ELECTRIC, Electrical Equipment storage unit, Sindos, Thessaloniki

SANITEC S.A., Commercial storage unit, Oreokastron Area, Thessaloniki

ARTOZA G.P., Pastry production craft industry, N.Road Thessaloniki- Kilkis

STEROPAL, Wood processing and furniture material factory, 17th Km Thessaloniki- Klkis

Kouroukelesis Vassilis, Truck paint store, Neochorouda, Thessaloniki

Jiouli S.A., Wedding Dress craft industry, Kardia Thessaloniki

Andreanidis Bros. G.P., Craft industry accompanied by offices, Leventochori, Kilkis

POLOS Industrial and Commercial S.A., Ground-level Multifunctional medical unit, Galatista, Thessaloniki,

ERGOPAL, Craft industry building accompanied by offices and a loft, Agioneri, Kilkis

KI.VA., Industrial electrical material unit, Chalkidiki

HELLAS THERM, Workshop (tank and central heat panel construction), Langadas, Thessaloniki

Ilektrodinamiki, General storage unit of electrical materials, Vassilika, Thessaloniki

Sinodias S.A., Commercial storage unit accompanied by offices and a basement, Langadas, Thessaloniki

Jiouli S.A., Interior design of a storage unit, Kardia, Thessaloniki

Mercedes- Benz Rombopoulos S.A., Authorized Mercedes- Benz service garage, 2nd km National Road Thessaloniki- Athens

GEMUS, Mouratidis Georgios, Construction of an interchange, 19th km Thessaloniki- Serres

VASILAGAS S.A., Interior design of a storage unit, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

SARACAKIS BROS. Industrial and Commercial S.A., Vehicles service garage, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

NISSAN “KAïSIDIS A. Ltd”, Service garage of multiple uses, 4th km Kilkis- Thessaloniki

ERGOPAL, Craft industry building, Agioneri, Kilkis

Stambouloglou Vassilios, Sewing craft industry of items for domestic use, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

KLT S.A., Storage unit, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

Touloumtsoglou Savvas & Co. G.P., Craft industry building, Galarinos, Municipality of Anthemounta

Topouzlis Efstathios S.A., Craft industry building of trading and assembling furniture, Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki

PILITZIDIS A. & Co. G.P., Model ecologic olive-oil press, Lefkotopos Nigritas, Serres

MAXIM KALTSIDIS S.A., Car service garage and warehouse (logistics), Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Sindos, Thessaloniki

TSALOPOULOS S.A., Metallic storage unit of car service garage spare parts, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

Eleftheriou S.A., Added expansion of a ground-level commercial storage unit, Neochorouda, Thessaloniki

STANDARD, Assembling of electric equipment for vehicles and motorcycles craft industry, N. Magnisia, Thessaloniki

ESKIADIS & Co. METVE S.A., Erection of new service garage and workshop facilities, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

AVGODIATROFIKI S.A., Packaging & standardization of process of sorting unit, Nea Santa, Kilkis

KOSTADIMAS DIMITRIOS & Co. L.P., Added expansion of a commercial storage unit, Ioannina

STEROPAL Ltd, New storage units of wood processing and furniture material, 17th km Thessaloniki- Kilkis

VI.E.MEL. Industrial and Commercial S.A., Craft industry building, Municipality of Pamvotida, Ioannina

NASTOS Commercial S.A., Craft industry of construction of specialized wooden furniture and professional equipment, Ioannina,

AVGODIATROFIKI S.A., Packaging & standardization of process of sorting unit, production of boiled and dyed eggs, Nea Santa, Kilkis

CHOUCHOUTAS A. GEORGIOS, Apicultural product lab, Nikiti, Chalkidiki

VASILAGAS S.A., Construction of a commercial storage unit, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

SAVVIDIS STAVROS, Added expansion of a semi-sheltered space, a staircase, and vertical addition of a residence, Lithotopos, Serres

POULITIDOU ANNA MARIA, Commercial storage unit in the area of Ptolemaïda

CHOUCHOUTAS GEORGIOS, Design of the surrounding area of a professional lab of apicultural products, Nikiti, Chalkidiki

KOUREAS GEORGIOS, Erection of a ground-level detached house, Iraklia, Serres

ATHENS TRUCK SERVICE, Truck service garage, 14th km National Road Athens- Lamia

TSAVDARIDOU SOFIA, Erection of a ground-level detached house, Lithotopos, Serres

VASILAGAS S.A., Works in an existing store, Scholari, Thessaloniki,

VASILAGAS S.A., Supermarket, Foinikas, Thessaloniki

EVOBUS HELLAS Commercial S.A., Construction of the external façade, Pentalofos, Municipality of Kallithea

ANTONIOS XENOS S.A., Truck service garage, Thessaloniki

PHARMAID, Commercial storage unit with offices and show room, Rhodos

RED POINT, Commercial storage unit, Thessaloniki

PHARMAID, Design of the surrounding area of commercial storage unit, Rhodes

STEROPAL Ltd, Added expansion of a commercial storage unit, 17th km Thessaloniki- Kilkis

RHODES KTEL SA (Public road transport), Truck service garage, Rhodes

ANDREADOY DIALECHTI, Two-storey residence, Mandraki, Serres

KARAGIANNIS GEORGIOS, Vehicle processing and recycling unit of end-of-life vehicles (ELV)


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